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Genital Molluscum Contagiosum Natural Home Treatment

Genital Molluscum Contagiosum Natural Home Treatment

Looking for genital molluscum contagiosum natural home treatment can be the solution to deal with itchiness and the bump around genitalia that is caused by Molluscum contagiosum. There are several natural ingredients that can be helpful. However, you have to check the situation well.

Inspect the whole genital area

Molluscum contagiosum is virus that infects human skins. Though it is not dangerous, the virus may cause some bumps with wax-like feel both on children and adults’ skin. The virus usually infect adults’ sensitive area such as around the neck and the genital area. Everyone has a chance to be infected, especially people with poor immune system and adults who are active sexually, but have very sensitive skin. The common symptoms are pretty general such as bumps appear around the genitalia, itchiness, wax-like fell around the bumps, and pale or pink color around the bumps.

Natural ingredients for home remedies

You don’t have to worry too much. Basically M. contagiousum is similar with other kind of viruses. Your body is able to defeat it when it has good immune system. To help you reduce the symptoms and cure the bumps, there are several natural ingredients for home treatments:

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is naturally able to kill virus and bacteria. It also helps reducing the itchiness as well as the wax-like feel around the bump. To treat the Molluscum cintagiosum infection on adult genitalia, you just need to apply a little apple cider vinegar on the bumps with a cotton swab. Do not let the vinegar applied to the other area, especially around the sensitive area. It may get the skin irritated.

2. Neem

Genital Molluscum Contagiosum Natural Home Treatment

Neem can be a better idea of molluscum contagiosum on face homeopathic treatment for very sensitive skin. Neem can be an effective antiviral ingredients form Indian tree. To treat the contagion on genitalia and even other area of adults’ skin, you just have to boil a large amount of neem leaves. Then, use the water to rinse the infected area. You can also use the water to soak your body in the tub for 15 – 20 minutes every day.

3. Virgin coconut oil

Another great ingredient to treat contagion is virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil naturally has rich nutrition that help skin cells regenerate, as well as kill virus and bacteria. It is also safe for sensitive skin. To treat the contagiosum on adults’ genitalia you just have to apply a little coconut oil with cotton swab after clean the bumps with warm water every night before bed.