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Another Tips To Prevention

How To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum From Spreading ?

Precautionary measures are needed because the virus is very easily spread to other body areas and also will easily transmitted to the other person. Some preventive measures include by not touching or scratching the infected part, or it would be better if you wrap the infected area using an adhesive such as plaster. You also need to keeping your hand hygiene. And the most importantly, never squeeze a lump of molluscum contagiosum, because it will not only causes a pain, and also will give a scar which may will very disturbing your appearance. It can also cause the spread to other skin locations.

For those of you who have not been entirely infected by molluscum virus and are eager to anticipate it, you can do some preventive measures like never touch the skin of the patient or wearing the stuffs that belong to the patient. And if you are an adult and have a wife, it is recommended to avoid having s*x when one of you is suffering from this virus, because it will be very easily transmitted through s*xual activity.